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Rainbow Bridge, a center that came into existence in the year 2012, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and the founder of Anthroposophy.

Our approach towards children is that of reverence and warmth – children are tender beings; they sponge up everything around themselves – the good and the bad – with equal fervor. The mantle, heavy as it may be, lies on us to guide them into the brighter light and mentor them into the curriculum of life.

We work together, along with parents, to deepen our understanding of the young child and truthfully work towards creating an environment both at home and school to nourish and protect the very essence of “CHILDHOOD,” which is the true Being of an ‘Individual’.

We are part of a larger community of individuals, groups and associations, both nationally and internationally who are working with this philosophy of Waldorf Early Childhood Education of Rudolf Steiner.

Our Teachers

Preeti Misra

Founder, Trainer and overall Administrator at Rainbow Bridge

Aparna Kapoor

Playgroup and Nursery Teacher

Vineeta Bulusu

Founder and KG Teacher at Rainbow Bridge

Vijaya Mamgain

Daycare Teacher

Latha Rao

Administration In-charge at Rainbow Bridge

Vaishali More

Daycare Teacher

You cannot be an educator or a teacher without relating to children with full insight. Their urge to imitate has been transformed into a receptivity based on a natural and uncontested relationship of authority, and you must take this into account in the broadest possible sense. – Rudolf Steiner

Our Programs provide

· Respect for the dignity of each – an environment which provides love and warmth
· Loving interest in and acceptance of each child
· An opportunity to
- Experience gratitude , reverence and wonder
- Imitate meaningful adult activity that unfolds human capacities
- Self initiated – free imaginative play
· An experience that is real rather than virtual
· Artistic and creative experiences that enables healthy development of imagination and creativity.
· Predictable rhythms that provide security and a sense of the interrelationships and wholeness of life.
· Unhurried time and space to unfold the inner development process for each child.
· An environment that is
o Loving ,caring and warm that nourishes the senses
o Joyful and full of humour
o Age appropriately planned
This way of working with young children makes education Health Giving and Heals the stresses that a modern child is living in today.
It supports him to BE who s/he is rather than what s/he should Become.


It is a wonderful journey of two years with the loving RB family. A journey of learning for me and my son. Keeping my son grounded to the core values n close to nature . The teachers here are very loving n adorable, who are moulding our kids with ease n love.

Very happy to be part of the Rainbow Bridge Family!

Veena Chennuri

Ahlad's Mother

If there’s anything I need to say for Rainbow Bridge, it is – ‘ThankYou’. We are so happy that our older daughter, Samaira (age 4) is going to this wonderful Waldorf school since she was 2years old. It is pure excitement and joy to watch her learn and grow into a happy, respectful, hardworking child who has an inquisitive mind. She looks for answers to nature’s ways in her own unique style.

Makes up stories and songs, plays in the wild, understands reasons (sometimes defying grown-up logic..but that’s ok, we assure you). We are grateful for the amazing teachers who have touched our lives and the opportunities the children are given to grow, thus molding their social skills and character.

May our tribe (the Rainbow Bridge family) grow!

Preeti & Navin Agarwal

Parents of Samaira & Inayah

We are truly blessed as a family to have been introduced to the Rainbow Bridge kindergarten. It has been over 3. 5 years since this wonderful association and the bonding has only strengthened. Through RB we have reflected on the nuances of Waldorf education and Anthroposophy, which has immensely helped in imparting the right education to our daughter as well bringing about awareness as eternal carers for the child. Childhood should be nurtured and not just lived.

This has been explicably explained to us as parents and we in turn have seen this in our children. Right from the teachers, caregivers, and fellow parents to the daily rhythm, festivals and the environment, the entirety of the education at RB has been fulfilling and incredibly gratifying. I truly wish I too would have experienced this kind of learning and nurturing in my early years. But I’m glad my Taara is fortunate enough to have experienced it. Thank you and God bless!

I know its very long but i cant stop myself :-))))

Lamiya & Vikram

Parents of Tara