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The foundations of the three most important and unique stages of human development, i.e. walking, talking and thinking, happens in the first three years of our life. Thus, this period is the most vital period in the life time of a child. The child is an open sense being and absorbs everything present in its environment.

The child completely trusts the environment i.e. both the physical and the care giver, understand him and will take care of his needs. The child until the age of 7 is purely in the stage of imitation. He imitates the inner mood and the outer gestures of the adult. Thus great responsibility lies on us adults to be Worthy of Imitation for this spiritual being, who is now under our care.

With this as our understanding, we at Rainbow Bridge are consciously striving towards our own inner development. Upgrading ones skill and deepening ones understanding of the modern child is an ongoing process for us.

A young child needs a quiet, warm, caring, safe and secure environment. He needs an environment that will nourish his sense of touch, movement, balance and life. A healthy balance of indoor and outdoor play, handmade toys and playmates made of natural material, a carefully planned day’s rhythm which is unhurried and an environment free of clutter with soothing colours, all form a part of the environment at Rainbow Bridge. The environment is free of technology and gadgets giving the child a complete security of an adult’s caring hands and full attention.

Meaningful and purposeful activities are planned for in the day’s rhythm for the child. Emphasis is laid on daily activities in one’s life like cooking, cleaning, washing and gardening. The process is given more importance than the outcome. Music, songs, games, going to the garden, preparing for & celebrating festivals and listening to stories & puppet plays are part of the everyday rhythm of the child.

The families and the school work together hand-in-hand towards creating a nourishing environment for the overall well being of the child.

What is a day like at Rainbow Bridge?


Age: Below 3 years
School Timings : 9:30 to 11:30

The child at this phase of life has acquired his skill to stand and walk. He is still in the process of having his feet firm on the ground, mastering his walk, and balancing himself upright. Along with this his speech is now developing at a fast pace. This is a very crucial period in the development phase of the child. He truly needs an environment that understands his needs at all levels, a caring environment that nourishes and strengthens these foundations of walking talking and thinking.

The teacher welcomes the child into the class which is a home like setup. She patiently gives the required time and space for the child to come to her. The little child gets an opportunity to explore the toys, playmates and the classroom at his own pace. During the free play the teachers also weaves in very gently a few games and songs which are mostly adult with a child one on one.

The child also witnesses the teacher who then slowly gets busy washing and cutting and setting up the table for children to gather for fruits. After fruits they go outdoors and spend time exploring their little garden space. After a good wash they gather near the teacher who tells them a story and the day comes to an end with lullabies and goodbye songs.


Ages : 3 to 4 years
School Timings : 9:30 to 1:00 

I am there for you and we have all the time for you is a feeling that children experience with the teacher everyday. The day is slowly and very gently weaving a rhythm for them. They do the same thing every day at the same time. They are getting ready to now slowly be seated in the chairs for their fruit time, circle time , meal time and also story time.

Following an unhurried pace the children are welcomed in class in the morning by their teacher. They get their time to be with their toys, their playmates, do loads of work in their doll house, play with blocks and explore their classroom completely. They are also just beginning to play and be with their peers.

During the free play the teachers also weaves in a few games and songs, in addition to the one on one body gesture plays and songs they open the circle for one or two of their friends to join in. This is followed by gathering together with teacher to wash, cut fruits and share the fruit each one has got from home.

After fruits they gather around for a circle time that brings in the class a season, festival or something to rejoice from nature. This is followed by a well spent time outdoors in the garden where the teacher is busy doing some gardening or pick up dried leaves. After the garden time they are really ready to enjoy the home cooked meal. The day comes to an end with a story that they are looking forward too and a closing goodbye songs or lullabies.


Ages : 4 years and above
School Timings : 8:40 am to 1:00 pm

Every child is warmly welcomed into the class by their teacher who has a small conversation with them and then they all gather together for singing songs. Through singing they welcome the day, each other and Mother Nature. The seasons, festivals, animals, plant kingdom and other inspirations from our surrounding, in a very natural manner, are weaved into the morning songs for the children.

All children then gather together for doing some domestic art, meaningful and purposeful work like drawing, painting, stringing, cooking, cleaning, gardening and much more. After having fruits, children go outdoors for play. During outdoors children are in an open space where they freely move around while a few children often join their teacher who is tending to plants, digging the soil or watering them.

Singing their way back to the class the children wash their hands and then prepare to settle down in class for the songs and rhymes followed by the free indoor play. This is a wonderful time where they explore their space indoor i.e. their playmates, toys and most importantly exploring what they can do. When children play, the teacher is busy either with her handwork, singing or with a child who needs her personal attention. After play, together they all make their room beautiful and set their table for meals.

The day comes to an end for children with a story time and lullabies.