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Vijaya Mamgain

Vijaya Mamgain, a homemaker all her life with 2 grown up children found herself stepping out of her home comforts to truly meet herself and take a few step towards her dream of being a Working Woman. She joined Rainbow Bridge in the February 2017 and in no time won the hearts of the children who now fondly call her Viju Aunty.

Her strength is her simplicity and the warmth and care that flows through her naturally for children. They adore her for the small gestures of love that she carrys for them through fulfilling their little demands be it what they want to eat, to playing outdoor for a little extra time or doing an activity that they wish to do. She knows the art of winning their heart in a right manner.

Her passion for knitting has also found a home for her creativity now comes into existence in form of toys that she knits lovingly for the School.