The Rhythm of Life..


I still remember that day when I attended a cheerful wedding ceremony at a beautiful place. The wedding decoration was really thoughtful and tastefully executed. Everything was perfect. Lot of joyful conversations were happening since everyone was meeting after a long time. Parents were enjoying, while their children were busy in playing.


In a meanwhile I saw a small girl, around two years, completely lost, shaken by the noise around. It seemed she was annoyed. Her mother sat with her for a while and tried to calm her down by feeding her; but all her efforts were in vein. When they moved away from the crowd, the little girl felt slightly better. But, how long could one stay away from the hustle-bustle of the wedding?
After some time the little girl got very irritated and she started crying. Her parents looked very helpless and weren’t able to understand what was bothering her. Hunger? Sleep? Parents were clueless about what she wanted.
One of the reasons about her restlessness could be the unusual and noisy surrounding which could be far different from her usual surrounding at home. What could parents do to avoid such unusual trouble to theirs kids especially the infants who cannot convey their problems.
Obviously, not attending the social functions won’t be a solution. Even hiring baby sitter at such an early stage would be an improper decision. Our children are being raised in a very different family environment. For various reasons we have adapted to a small family setups and we have to live with it.
Little children do not like unknown surroundings as well as unfamiliar faces around them. They are very rested when they are at home or any familiar place with known people around them. Often, little children do not like surprises. They love repetition. We all have experienced how a child loves to listen to the same story again and again.
Children feel secured when they follow same routine everyday….like a rhythm!
Rhythm could be interpreted as a regular or repeated pattern of movement, sound or action.
We could sense rhythm in nature. Sun rises and settle in its final location routinely. The seasons; rain, winter and summer repeats itself every year. Even our heart beats on the rhythm while we inhale and exhale in a controlled manner. In the early stage of evolution, human beings were in harmony with the nature. They were in sync with the changes of day and night, weather and the planetary movements. Their life actions were completely in rhythm with nature.
Deviating from this natural rhythm may invite disease which might upset our health in certain ways. Most of us know this fact but still somehow we ignore our “rhythm of life”.
One can imagine how a child must be feeling when it has to face the unnecessary modern life effects like late night outings, eating at various times etc. Most of behavioral problems indicate the disturbed home rhythm. It gets magically corrected when a certain routine is followed religiously at home. Very basic is the sleeping and eating time of a child.
These disturbed behavioral patterns are a wakeup call for parents. If it is not taken care of then what may follow is “ill health”. Decreasing immunity and resistance to disease is the prime concern of parents today.
Generally, it is observed that children with regular habit of sleeping and eating, looks healthier, energetic, and restful in soul. They stay interested in learning and develop a sharp memory with increased attention span which is necessary for learning.
It is not difficult but requires consistency and determination as an effort from parent’s side. I think it is worth making little changes in our lifestyle right in time for our health and for the health of our precious little ones.


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