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The main aim of a kindergarten is to provide safe and warm environment, proper guidance and protection which helps healthy physical development. This is the basic requirement to tune into the culture and to equip our children with the skills which will prepare them for grade school learning and for life.   

Thus a kindergarten is expected to make the child feel interested in nature, surroundings and in life and bring about his/her overall development with holistic approach by the kindergarten teacher, from the prime phase of his/her life. Understanding child development and needs at that age is the key role of a teacher in a Waldorf kindergarten.  

Kindergarten education is directed at healthy physical development that includes social and behavioral development. Through kindergarten education, young children are not instructed verbally but guided subtly using the great tool of imitation.    

A kindergarten program should be simple yet all-inclusive curriculum which would provide the children with scopes of self-expression and self-discovery in order to enable them grow independently and positively from their formative years. By means of an integrated kindergarten program which involves (age appropriate) wet on wet painting, handwork, pentatonic singing, movements and finger rhymes, children learn and childhood becomes enjoyable experience for them. 

They love being in the school and not burdened by academics, reading and writing which is still abstract for them. First they are made aware of their own self, surroundings, nature and get prepared for academics from “known to unknown”..!! A kindergarten teacher has profound influence on a child. Hence it is crucial for a kindergarten teacher to be trained, sensitized about the needs of a child between 0 to 7 years of age before implementing a kindergarten program.    

Kindergarten teachers play multidimensional role in kindergarten. In order to become worthy of imitation for all children, kindergarten teachers engage themselves to plan, research, learn and strive and implement the curriculum, to suit the needs of young children.     

If you want to know how to become a kindergarten teacher, then you must need to have passion to learn and be with young children. Good language, singing skills and compassion towards children are three important factors to be considered before thinking how to become a Waldorf kindergarten teacher .   

As I got trained in 2015, it was real work we did , the finger rhymes, songs, story telling hand work, wet on wet painting, drawing, nature walk that's what we do now at Suryodaya nature school, Dharwad. Sucheta's lessons on "Understanding the child", "Inner work of the teacher" were my favourites. The training from other faculties like Apeksha Chowdhry on circle games, story telling from Silvia, handwork from Preeti were Amazing.

Purnima Kulkarni

Co-Founder at Suryodaya Nature School, Karnataka

After spending more than a decade in IT, my quest for a wholesome preschool experience for my child introduced me to the world of Waldorf and the training at rainbow bridge ensured that this introduction blossomed into an in-depth understanding of Waldorf education. Be it the range of topics covered or the depth in which each module was discussed, the training truly reflects the experience and passion of the faculty team. Inspite of this being a kindergarten teacher training course, it provided me with a solid foundation to start my journey as a Waldorf grade teacher. Getting to know some awesome people during this training course was an added bonus.

Shivani Singh

Teacher at Shishya

Teacher’s Training at Rainbow Bridge was a enlightening experience for me. I think a part of me as a caregiver was missing till I underwent this training. Each module and every day was different and it brought me closer to understanding the meaning of a parent to a young child. Some days were stark, some were familiar, some moments were shocking while some were relieving , yet everything taught was meaningful and a lesson for life and beyond. This course has helped me tremendously to work with my young child since it has changed my perceptions of all that appears at 'face value'. I look deep and reason out with my interpretations to understand, accept and sometimes change events or things that could be happening around me and my child. 'Working on my inner' and ‘breathing right' has been a great takeaway from the training. These have nudged me to work on myself and in turn be honest to my child and to the environment around me. Im sure that this was meant to happen to me and it all connected for it to happen at the right time for me and my child. Thank you and god bless.

Lamiya Maghnan

Entrepreneur based in Navi Mumbai

FC ... The First 👣 Towards Becoming a Waldorf KG Teacher

The Foundation Course (FC) - The Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Program is recognised by the Sadhana – Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association which is a member of the IASWECE – International Association of Steiner / Waldorf Early Childhood Education.

We have completed training 10 Batches of Teachers from various cities throughout India. In addition to Navi Mumbai we also conducted the Foundation course in Coimbatore and Delhi.

Upcoming Courses

FC Training in Delhi. September to December 2019
FC Training in Navi Mumbai. February to May 2020