RB Toys , Playmates and To-Do Kits

Rainbow Bridge offers a range of toys and playmates, a true treasure for every child. Through making RB toys available we intend to support the external environment which is very vital for nourishing the child’s soul. What the young child touches and sees has a direct impact on them.  The simplicity and the very fact that the products are handmade provide an enriching play opportunity for the child and it is really very special indeed.


Rainbow Bridge is promoting the culture of working with hands – be it stitching, knitting or crocheting. Things done by hands are truly special as they are unique just like we are as individuals.  Having handmade toys and playmates fosters a sense of reverence, gratitude and beauty in children. RB offers a wide range of toys, playmates and other interesting to-do kits that can make the childhood joyful and creative.


Every product of RB feels alive as a lot of thought has gone into keeping it really simple and yet aesthetically appealing. Natural material, the different textures and the colours that are subtle and chosen with care truly enriches the sensory experience for the child. The toys are kept simple and open ended to flourish the imagination of a young child.


Rb products range from Knitted animals, story sets, finger and stand up puppets, dolls, mobiles for children rooms, baby blankets, handwork activity kits and many more.