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Our Day Care ~ A Home Away from Home

Our work with children through the day weaves and breathes in and out the guiding principles of Waldorf Education. The environment that the child is surrounded in is most vital for their overall well being. What the child experiences in this golden period of his lifetime lays foundation for him in the later years.

At Rainbow Bridge great care is taken to plan the physical space. Every small little toy, furniture, playmates are there for a reason and has a purpose to be in that space. There is a great thought given to the colours as it has a very calming and soothing effect on the child. Clutter-free spaces for free movement both indoor and outdoor are a part Rainbow Bridge.

The toys are all handmade by the teachers, made of natural materials, they are simple and unfinished toys like wooden blocks and silk/cotton cloth drapes. Pebbles stones, shells and many other gifts from nature are there in the play areas of the child and all of this gives the child an opportunity to bring out his/her inner creativity and imaginations.

The day’s rhythm at the day care is planned keeping in mind the overall health and well being of the child. Fruit, meals and the sleep/rest time are planned considering the body rhythms. Indoor and outdoor free play are a part of the day for the child. Activities, songs, games and stories are a part of our everyday rhythm.

The inner attitude of the carer, her commitment, her in-depth understanding of a child’s need and planning the day, the mood created through the ambience, the warmth , the care and a rhythmic day are truly nourishing the senses of the young child.

When the thread of what we do in Day care is carried into the home environment it works wonders for the child. When the Day care and the home environment are in harmony its gives the child the complete opportunity to blossom and “BE who S/He IS”. It’s the parent and school that need to work together for creating that environment for this child who has come to us for our care. It’s our shared responsibility!