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Rainbow Bridge offers a range of Playmates to support the PLAY which is most vital for young children below 7 especially.

Through making RB toys available for children we intend to support and nourish their physical environment. What the young child touches and sees has a direct impact on them. When in early years we surround a child with toys that are handcrafted and inviting they not only nourish the child’s sense of life and well being but also develops their aesthetics awareness and appreciation.

When toys are brought into existence with the love, warmth, interest and pure intention there is a higher possibility that a child may feel reverence and gratitude and may care for it accordingly.

Every product of RB feels alive as a lot of thought has gone into keeping it really simple and yet aesthetically appealing. Natural material, the different textures, colours that are subtle and chosen with care truly enriches the sensory experience for the child. The toys are kept simple and open ended to flourish the imagination of a young child.

Children are able to make truthful connections with these handmade dolls and toys as they connect with the uniqueness that exists in them and the toys.

RB toys are heart made with love and warmth and with a pure intent to enrich the play of the child and spread real love and joy …

Gift a loved one a specially handcrafted playmates from our little RB Toys store.

About the Dolls

“A DOLL is the image of a human being and is therefore the most suited toy to develop and enliven the self image in a growing child.” ~ Freya Jafke, an extract from her book, Toymaking with children.

Waldorf dolls are simple to look at, with minimal suggested features, neutral expressions, or at time no features so that the child’s imaginations can truly be fostered. Imitation is the greatest tool of a young child to learning about himself and his environment.

For a young child the doll is the most intimate playmate. They see themselves ie their inner world of emotions come alive in the doll. If the features of the doll are kept open and not fixed or exaggerated then the scope of real truthful meaningful play opportunities open up.

Our wide range of dolls are especially designed keeping in mind the child’s own development stage.

For infants and toddlers a simple doll with an unformed body with knots as hands for chewing and teething.

For toddlers of ages 2 to 3 years a soft cuddly, rounded body dolls are good for them to hold, grasp and cuddle.

For ages 3 and above a cuddly dolls with soft chubby, bulky legs and hands to a more formed doll with firmer limbs are appropriate as they grow older and come into kindergarten.

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