Early Childhood Education


All of us are here to share our thoughts on early childhood education. This topic is of concern; it is very special, very close to our hearts because it is about our children. Most of us feel that there should be some change in early childhood education.

What is it that concerns us about our children?

Is it the stress that the child undergoes or the act of children behaving like mini-adults?

Are they learning things which are irrelevant to their age?

What is that they need at this age?

What is need based education?

Think about the first human being on earth. How did he learn? Was there a teacher to teach? What was there? There was nature around to teach. He understood his needs. Hunger, shelter, clothing. He experimented and learnt as per his needs. His knowledge, his learning was need based. It was for his survival. Of coarse now the time has changed. Many things which we need for survival are already in place.

If we look at the development of the child and understand what is needed at that age? And have our education plan based on those needs, wont it bring lot more meaning to what the child is learning?
It will certainly support the healthy and overall development of the child.
What is happening now? Un-health. we see more and more children, tired, fatigued, not interested in learning.. stressed out in high school… severe psychological issues to deal with… Why? We do not understand what is needed at what age? Gathering all that is unnecessary and irrelevant information. Children do not know what to do with that information. No real learning.

To undo all this, we have to understand the needs of a young child. It is necessary to put in efforts to make the surroundings favorable for the child to learn on its own. We need to understand the developmental stages of a young child as well as the needs of a child at various stages

How can we meet those needs at home?

Can we connect education to health?

Can education bring healthy balance of body, mind and soul?

What could we relate the most to childhood?

Play.. Lots of play… Singing…. Wonder …interest in the world around…

“I want to do everything that my mother is doing, or my father is doing.”

“I want to see, I want to touch, I want to do…” 

What we require is “Will” and “Lots of energy.” Our task is to give them right environment, protection and channelize the will; with warmth, love in beauty and truth.


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