Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness at the Circle of Joy – Annual Festival


Imagine this – your child enters school and leaves your hand to enter a dimly lit room, the first thing they notice is the welcoming floral aroma that tingles their senses. In this warm comfortable zone the magical marionettes are waiting to take the child into a world full of imagination and wonder.


This was the order of the day for Rainbow Bridge’s inaugural annual festival – Circle of Joy.


Every activity was planned to not only nurture the child’s imagination and senses but also give them an experience and feel of a traditional village fair that has lost its essence in modern times.


Celebrating the spirit of togetherness, parents, teachers, grandparents and teacher trainee put up an event that will be embedded in the minds of our children and even the child within all of us.


Games like Teasing your senses, Target throw, Chutney making, Balancing act, Treasure Hunt, Make your own Lime Juice were organised by parents.


A truly joyful moment was when each child was given a small handmade gift (prepared by the school children) not for winning or losing but just for participating in the game.


Food generally forms an important part of any fair, so our parents and grandparents prepared special homecooked meals like Bisi bele bath, Chaats, Idli Chutney, Pakodas, Rajma Chawal, Aloo Paratha, Kheer, Gulab Jamuns and much more to satisfy our taste buds.


The children also got a taste of some simple yet creative art techniques like tie and dye, leaf and flower art.


Our marketplace was filled with our specially handcrafted dolls, playmates on display along with handmade jewelry and accessories by a grandparent who was preparing for the mela for the last 2 months. Dreamcatchers, the traditional wall hanging to filter your child’s dreams were for sale, along with healing herbs and flowering plants.


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