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Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness at the Circle of Joy – Annual Festival

Imagine this – your child enters school and leaves your hand to enter a dimly lit room, the first thing they notice is the welcoming floral aroma that tingles their senses. In this warm comfortable zone the magical marionettes are waiting to take the child into a world full of imagination and wonder.   This …


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The Rhythm of Life..

I still remember that day when I attended a cheerful wedding ceremony at a beautiful place. The wedding decoration was really thoughtful and tastefully executed. Everything was perfect. Lot of joyful conversations were happening since everyone was meeting after a long time. Parents were enjoying, while their children were busy in playing.   In a …


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Play of the child

“What becomes visible as play characteristics during early childhood can be recognised later in a way a person acts when confronted with the demands of real (adult) life.”  ~ Rudolf Steiner   Based on above quote one would have to believe that the “play” of children is extremely important for children’s health, learning and well-being. The importance …


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Early Childhood Education

All of us are here to share our thoughts on early childhood education. This topic is of concern; it is very special, very close to our hearts because it is about our children. Most of us feel that there should be some change in early childhood education. What is it that concerns us about our …


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Childhood Influence

I grew up in the most stress free environment. My younger brother and myself, were not aware of the words, ‘stress’ and ‘stress free’. We had ample outdoor games with friends and also a lot of indoor free play with very few toys but infinite imagination. We used to go on long walks with our …