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Enriching Imagination through Creative Puppetry and Storytelling

Storytelling “Being prepared for Life – Building experiences through the world of Stories”  

Through well planned sessions of storytelling we take our young children to the land of tales taking them to a place where we listen to the stories of people of the world, of all generations and of all times. It’s through such stories that we can unfold the whole drama of life to a child and in a way prepare them for Life itself as it hold within it – its joy , sorrow , challenges, the magical elements , attitude to persevere , of courage , beauty and divinity.

Listening to stories is a soul enriching experience. Its ignites and also strengthens the power of imagination in the minds of the young child, it helps in building inner picture and images fostering creative thinking in later years.

It’s through stories that a child experiences the richness of Language. He develops clarity in speaking and it certainly builds vocabulary and develops excellent language skills.

Stories come to life through the wide range of storytelling methods that are used to unfold the stories for children. They are kept simple, with truthful images that they can relate too and it’s like a true invitation to the child to imitate the story at various levels and widen their scope of imagination. The simple handmade puppets and props and the aesthetically chosen material used by the storyteller is truly a warm welcome to the child to be make the story a part of his play thus enabling him to deepen his connect with the essence of the story.

Session Every Friday
Timings 5:00pm to 6 pm
Duration: August 2019 to March 2020
A child can enrol for the entire program which is most ideal or is welcome for single sessions as well.
Registrations open through the year

the little hands club

The Little Hands Club is a community space where young children come together for working with their hands. It’s through our hands that creations come into existence, we build our life experiences, we reach out to other and most important we reach out within – to our very own self.

Bringing CREATIVITY in whatever we do, be it our work life or family life, is the need of our modern day living. At Little Hands Club an environment is created which is inspiring, full of joy, where learning happen in a subtle manner and where the seeds of creativity that exists in each one since birth our nurtured and nourished.

The various programs that have been planned at the club are based with a complete in-depth understanding of the developmental stage that the child is in and what he needs. Every activity is engaging the head, heart and the hands slowly leading towards a BALANCE, a sense of Balance that we need in our everyday life.

The benefits of working with the hands are manifold. Its healing, relaxing, therapeutic, helps in being focused, strengthens foundation for academics, develops social skills, and nurtures the art of creation and much more.

Rainbow Bridge has designed After School Hour Programs for 2 age groups of children.

For 3 to 6 years old

Each session will include activities that build upon their finger dexterity, eye hand coordination, experience colours inwardly and nurturing the senses.
Songs and games which includes gestures and movements needed for that age.
Story telling ~ opening up the world of imagination through various forms of story telling.

Timings : 4:30 pm to 6:pm , Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Batches for 3 months and onwards

For 6 years and above

Braiding , Knitting , Felt work , Crochet , Origami , Quilling, Weaving and many more interesting handyworks.

Time : 4:30 to 6:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday