Admissions are Open

The Admission Process

One on one meeting : This meeting can be attended either before or after the orientation session

Orientation Session :  Its mandatory for both parents to attend this session

Admission form : Parents can ask for the admission form after the orientation session and they will need to submit the same and pay the fee before the child  joins school.

Parents meeting : Though the year we have 3 meetings one at the beginning of the year (Group meeting ), one mid term – one to one meeting (ie updating about the parents about the child’s developmental progress)  and the 3rd meeting is at the end of the year – Report hand over meeting

Periodic class meetings are also planned through the years and it’s important that the parents attend the same as it helps in bridging the gap between what is done in school and home and certainly strengthens our mutual goal of coming together – ie the Healthy Development and  overall WELL BEING of the child.       

Please note being an Early Child Care Centre we do take in young children through the year as and when they are ready. Confirmation of Admissions depends on availability of seats. Please note the process of Admission remains the same.