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About Rainbow Bridge

At Waldorf, we believe that the world is good. Childhood is indeed a wondrous stage and at Rainbow Bridge, an ardent believer and follower of Waldorf, we try and preserve that wonder.

There is the order of subtle boundaries that gives scope to inner discipline, there is the gentle nudge of good environment that inclines better and brighter minds, there is the freedom of the child to be him-or-herself leading to a self-learned and self-reliant mind.

Child playing with natural toys rather than electronic junk. Creativity of kids at Rainbow Bridge.

In today’s world, along with nature being threatened – it’s the very essence of childhood that needs our ardent protection. Harmony, warmth, love, balance have ideal impact on the health and development of a child and at Rainbow Bridge, that’s exactly what we aim to provide.

We follow the age-dependant leanings and needs – children need to be introduced to everything gradually, gently, softly. Education is not just reading and writing, at Waldorf, we like to educate the heart, heads and hands.

Aims and intent of Rainbow Bridge

In Rainbow bridge HEALTH of a child is of prime importance during the early developing years (0-7) Inner discipline, enthusiasm for learning , faculties for grade school learning are our intentions for the children at the kindergarten

Our Beliefs

Holistic approach for child care and early education in the developmental stage of child.

We look at Education as a support system for the healthy development of a human child. Early childhood education is primarily based on physical growth, making the surroundings favorable for observation and learning and not instruction and learning. By making the environment safe, warm, protective, caring, soothing and assuring children learn much more than we ever can imagine.

The scope for imagination is widened through free play during which children play with unfinished toys, natural material, wooden blocks and planks which forms the basis for creativity and analytical thinking.

What is needed at what age is researched and the entire curriculum is planned accordingly. Every need of the age is considered and learning happens in a very subtle and natural way. The process of learning is very joyful and non judgmental.

Competition is necessary and very much a part of our lives. It is healthy when it comes at the right time. To protect the child till that time and wait for the readiness to come from within is what we look at in Rainbow Bridge.

We follow a holistic approach towards harmonious physical development, sound emotional development and healthy social interactions in the development of a balanced and healthy human being which is indeed the very basic need of our present times.

The early years, 0 – 7 are very special years and impressions of these last for the entire life. The quality of life depends on these first few years. In Rainbow Bridge we provide special attention to this fact and cultivate healthy habits through our consistent rhythms.