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About Early Years

The Early years are all about preparing a child for Life. Our experiences and impressions in these formative years play an important role in shaping who we are and become in later life. This period is about laying foundations for a healthy physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being of an individual. Thus, as caregivers, we have a huge responsibility towards this child who has chosen us to care for him.


At Rainbow Bridge we work with the guiding principles of Waldorf Early Childhood Education and are consciously and continuously working on Indianising the Waldorf early childhood curriculum to meet the needs of the modern child in our Indian environment.


We look at Education as a support system for the healthy development of a child. Early years are childhood education is primarily based on physical growth, making the surroundings favorable for observation and learning and not instruction and learning. By making the environment safe, warm, protective, caring, soothing and assuring, children learn much more than we can ever imagine